This is my story…

What Up! My name is Champion Chuck , creator of Dumbbells Vol.1 (For The Weightlifters). I’m so excited to bring you this new FREE project to get you motivated in the gym and treat PR’s like your warm up set.Young Jeezy brought you Thug Motivation, so I’m here to bring you Anabolic Ambition. It’s time to take your bodybuilding lifestyle serious and bring it to the four front with this new movement called FIT HOP.

See, I wasn’t at all deeply confident with fitness and health. in fact, I thought it was corny being what the media port raid (meatheads, biker shorts, shredded tops and orange tan). I grew up in the gym however, and always want to be jacked and strong like some of the toughest OG’s I use to see growing up in South Central LA. I even became a Rapper since the 5th grade and honed in on my skills throughout the years with many songs under the name Chuck Crazy. 

My Raps was so full of Violence and crime, with debauchery pouring out from every angle. It got to the point in my life that I was living out the negative aspects of my music so heavily that it had me in and out of jail and even more so close to death. I wanted change within the rap industry but it seemed like nobody else wanted it. It was then that I decided to transform my life and habits to do better and spread a message that could help someone maybe who’s facing the same challenges I been through. 

The name Champion Chuck came to mind as to conquer the dark side of myself, for I knew it was out to get rid of me. Moreover what helped me through them hard and lonely times, was GOD and none other than that good ol faithful weight room. I built more than muscle in the gym – I built Character. So much to the point that fitness took over my rhymes, hooks and way of life. I’m a MUTHAFUCKIN WEIGHTLIFTER to the day I die and I know now who I am – Champion Chuck leader of Full Tank.