Health Is Lame

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champion chuck, workout music, full tankDo you ever take a look around and just examine the lifestyle that many people live? Fast and faster we want it now. No commitments, no dedication .. just the results. Can you blame us though? With technology booming at an all time high – its no wonder why we cant even memorize our significants phone number. Fast can be a good thing, but for other aspects of our lives – it can bring you a Lamborghini shell with a bad engine inside. One category in particular is our Health. My culture comes from the caribbean islands. My Father is from a small island called St Vincent and the Grenadines and my mom is from the popular island of Trinidad and Tobago. Dinner nights was always a heavy plate full of real food such the likes of Ox Tails, Plantain, rice and peas just to name a few. Man I miss my Mom’s cooking until this day; and I will always eat close enough to it.


champion chuck, full tank, workout music, gym musicAs I grew older into adult hood I became chubby. Still charming with the women and could still have a great time – but I wasn’t happy with myself. Sure, I was in the gym pushing weight -but I didn’t understand the science of nutrition,which gets overshadowed by pumping iron 24/7. Luckily I worked for a fitness company called Beach Body and was some what forced to be educated on nutrition. One thing led to another and the fat melted. I was talking the talk and walking the walk. On the outside looking in when you’re educated with wisdom, you can see the damage growing all around you. Particularly in our urban cities – from cigarettes to lean and molly, so many are hooked to this epidemic. What’s worst, the music has been parading this kind of living for a hot decade now. Dumbbells Vol.1 is a resistance attack against this epidemic and its just getting started.


I’m just gonna shoot it out straight – Hip Hop thinks health is Lame. Artists know that sex sells and they’re the ones in the gym taking care of themselves behind the scene for photo shoots etc. However when the track comes on, all of that is thrown out the window and is replaced with full toxicity. I’m not a nun and I’m damn sure not a perfect saint, but If that is all our youth and community is digesting  as a whole, then we have know choice for the after affects of what valuing these destroyers bring to our lives and the lives that we love.


champion chuck, full tank, workout musicSo be it! My mission is to make health Hot. My mission is to make the gym popping. I took the narrow road that many do not choose to follow. I can easily be in the music scene right now making trap anthems about guns, drugs and violence, but my heart can’t conjure up those lyrics anymore. I found myself through weightlifting and I know there are more people out there that feel’s the same. Our temple is all we have and we can not be tricked as to thinking of taking care of it is corny and for squares. Nah .. not while I have the ability to rhyme and spit through the mic.

Grab Dumbbells Vol.1 Collectors CD limited addition right here.


This is a start to the revolution of Fit Hop – Join the movement, and once again thanks for being a listener of something new on the horizon.


Talk to you soon.

-Champion Chuck

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